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There are many reasons to undergo capsular contracture some including hematoma and infection.  A hematoma is a blood collection that forms after a surgical procedure and is a rare complication after a breast implantation.  It is thought that blood causes an inflammatory response that can lead to the development of capsular contracture and thickening of the tissue capsule and breast implant.  In addition infection or subclinical infection with bacteria can result in an inflammatory reaction that may cause or contribute to the development of capsular contracture.  In the early setting after breast implant surgery, it is imperative that patient seek a knowledgeable breast implant capsular contracture surgeon to determine the extent of tissue capsular thickening and to determine whether there are treatment options to salvage the breast implant without causing significant development of capsular contracture.


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in capsular contracture and can help patients diagnose and manage capsular contracture in the setting of hematoma and infection.  Although there are many options available for diagnosis, clinical examination with an experience capsular contracture and breast implant surgeon can help minimize the long term complications of capsular contracture.  Dr. Karamanoukian is a graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine and is an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implant surgery and breast implant revision.  Capsular contracture surgery can cause devastating long term complications in terms of symptoms as well as the cosmetic appearance of the breast. 


Schedule a consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian to determine whether early or delayed treatment is required for capsular contracture.  In the late setting, capsular contracture cause hardening of the breast, tissue thickening, tissue capsule thickening, and distortion of the breast implants.  This may lead to cosmetic changes as well as long term changes in the breast tissue.  Symptoms may include pain and discomfort and associated breast tenderness.  Call our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator at 310 998 5533 to schedule your appointment for capsular contracture surgery.

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