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What are common causes of rosacea? Los Angeles rosacea treatment

What are some causes of Rosacea? 


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian treats rosacea and associated inflammation of the facial skin using a novel vascular laser that can improve quality of life in patients with rosacea.  The vascular laser, known as the pulsed dye laser in medicine, is an effective treatment modality for resistant rosacea.  The most common causes of inflammatory rosacea on the face include the following: 


  • Sun Exposure

  • Stress - Emotional 

  • Heat and Hot Weather

  • Wind and Windchill

  • Strenuous Exercise and Sweat

  • Alcohol Consumption

  • Hot Water and Steam

  • Cold Weather 

  • Spicy foods

  • Humidity or Change in Climate

  • Indoor or Ambient Heat

  • Cosmetics

  • Medications

  • Certain Fruits and Vegetables

  • Dairy Products (varies from person to person)

  • Marinated Meats


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