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If I have a history of keloids, will that increase my risk of capsular contracture?

The association between keloid and capsular contracture is yet to be determined.  However similar processes guide the formation of keloids, hypertrophic scars, and capsular contracture.  All of these processes are caused by an unyielding fibroblast reaction to an inflammatory process.  In all of these situations the fibroblast shells contain within the tissue continues to form scar and to form scar within the wound.  On the skin this results in a keloid scar or hypertrophic scar, whereas in the breast tissue the resultant scar may be a thickened tissue capsule.  Dr. Karamanoukian is an expert in breast surgery scars, keloid scars, and capsular contracture.  His unique approach addresses the chronic inflammatory process that causes keloid or capsular contracture.  In his practice, the treatment of keloid or capsular contracture begins with a regimen that approach to reduce the inflammatory process, therein reducing the long term effect of scar formation. 


If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian to discuss your options for capsular contracture or keloid scars, please call our office at 310-998-5533.  History of keloid scars and a hyperactive scar response to normal injury can be associated with capsular contracture.  The finite list of capsular contracture and patients with keloid scars are yet unknown, but it is surmised that there is an association.


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