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How do you repair a crooked nasal tip during rhinoplasty? Plastic Surgeon for rhinoplasty in Los Angeles

A crooked nasal tip can be caused by normal growth or from a history of trauma to the nose.  Nasal trauma can include a broken nose or fractured septum leading to crooked development of the nasal bridge and nasal tip.

More commonly, a crooked nose or nasal tip can be caused by a rhinoplasty with resulting scar tissue along the area.  The patients who have had rhinoplasty surgery decades ago may also have irregular pieces of nasal cartilage which begin to affect the overall cosmetic appearance of the nose and nasal tip.  Irregular cartilage and cartilage graft can migrate and lead to asymmetries which are cosmetically not appealing.  The elements that define the nasal tip include the nasal skin and nasal tip cartilage, and the septal cartilage.  These elements will define the structure of the nasal tip and its proportion relative to the bridge of the nose and columella and nostril of the nose.  By defining and correcting the position of the nostrils and the nasal tip cartilage, Dr. Karamanoukian can refine the nasal tip during your rhinoplasty surgery.  The nasal tip cartilage is a very thin supported type cartilage that can lead to irregular tip shape if there is minor amount scar tissue.  If you are concerned about your nasal tip or wish to have corrective surgery of your nose during a revision rhinoplasty, please call the office of Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at 310-998-5533 to schedule a consultation for rhinoplasty.  Our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator can appoint you with our office and plastic surgeon and can provide you with detail regarding your surgery and consultation.

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