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Combination Breast implant plus Breast lift in Los Angeles with Dr. Karamanoukian; Los Angeles Breast Implants

Women of childbearing age who have been pregnant know that the body changes after childbirth, often requiring cosmetic surgical enhancement with a Mommy Makeover. During consultation for a Mommy Makeover, I usually address several issues that are important for women, including breast enhancement, tummy tuck, and labiaplasty. 

In this article, I would like to discuss the options for breast enhancement during a Mommy Makeover.  The decision becomes whether a women requires a breast lift, a breast implant, or a combination breast lift with breast implant.  Each of these surgeries is recommended for different reasons.  A breast implant alone is recommended for women who have perky breasts but a loss of breast fullness; while a breast lift is recommended for women who have full breasts wihtout breast perkiness.

A combination breast lift plus breast implant is performed for those who have lost their breast fullness and who have simultaneously developed droopiness of the breasts. I routinely perform single stage breast implant with breast lift for those patients who want to improve fullness and who need a repositioning of their nipple and areola.

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