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Arnica after Breast Augmentation - Bruise Pak Chewable Tablets

Arnica montana is useful as a natural supplement before and after breast augmentation surgery in order to minimize time to resolution of bruising and swelling after breast augmentation, among other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.  Our office recommends the Bruise-Pak formulation as it contains a standardized potency of Arnica montana that is suitable for invasive plastic surgery procedures.  You may purchase the Bruise-Pak supplements in our office or online.  Recommendations are to take the pills twice daily for two days prior to surgery and at least 3-5 days afterwards. 


Dr. Karamanoukian performs primary breast implants with saline or silicone; and revision breast implant surgery to correct problems with previous breast augmentation performed by another plastic surgeon.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian for breast augmentation by calling (310) 998-5533.  Read More about breast augmentation. 

Bruise Pak

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