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Spider vein injection in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills - Santa Monica Vein Center

Women with noticeable spider veins and thread veins on the legs and thighs may benefit from newer micorsclerotherapy options offered by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at the Santa Monica Vein Center.  In the Los Angeles area, the Santa Monica Vein Center provides a newer treatment for spider vein known as micorsclerotherapy.  In this technique a very small needle is used to inject a small amount of an FDA approved medicine into an unwanted spider vein or thread vein.  Within seconds the lining of the spider veins is destroyed, effectively closing off and eliminating the unwanted vein under the skin.  In most cases treatment is highly effective with a 97.4% clearance rate for spider veins in the absence of venous insufficiency.  The patient can return to work within minutes after their procedure and there is minimal downtime altogether.  The Santa Monica Vein Center provides expertise in the management of cosmetic spider veins in the Los Angeles area and can provide you with detailed pre and posttreatment and instructions for spider vein treatment.  If you have questions about spider vein removal or micorsclerotherapy, please call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at 310-998-5535.

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