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Options for treatment of discolored bug bite scars at KareSkin, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills

Insect bite and mosquito bite can leave you to an area of localized inflammation which may lead to hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration.  This is more notable in olive tone and darker skin complexions but may occur in any skin type.  Pigmentation on the skin can be improved with a combination skin protocol that is nonsurgical using the Melaquin skin brightening protocol.  This potent combination of topical creams includes Melaquin AM which contains four active sunscreens and Melaquin PM which is an enzyme blocker for the production of melanin by the melanocytes.  This will effectively control abnormal melanin production and reduce the chance of dark bug bite scars on the legs and thighs.  If you have questions about the Melaquin skin brightening protocol, please visit

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