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Insect Bite Scars, Melarase Cream, Dark Insect Bite Scars, Fading Cream, Melarase for Dark Scars

Mosquito bites and insect bites may lead to localized inflammation which can develop into hyperpigmented and dark scars on the legs and thighs.  Many of these scars have minimal textural changes on the skin but may have a ring of hyperpigmentation which leads to a spotty appearance on the skin. 


Initial treatment for dark pigmented scars from insect bites on the legs and thighs can be initiated with a combination Melarase AM and Melarase PM topical skin regimen.  Using this approach many dark and pigmented scars can be eliminated or improved with a nonsurgical approach.  Once the application of topical creams has platoid a stimulatory exfoliation can be performed using the Melapeel to improve the overall complexion of the skin.  If you have questions about the Melaquin skin brightening protocol, please visit

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