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Laser resurfacing and laser skin peels. Kare Plastic Surgery in Santa Monica - Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, MD

The cumulative effects of sun, environment, and aging can result in premature wrinkles and skin pigmentation, including sunspots and age-spots.  The patients who have wrinkles and textural problems with their skin, including acne scars, large pores, and raised moles can benefit from a procedure known as laser resurfacing.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian uses this computer generated laser beam to improve wrinkles and skin irregularities in as little as one hour.  The result is a more youthful skin tone that is reinvigorated.  Laser skin resurfacing uses a computer generated laser beam to vaporize the upper layers of the skin to the level of the upper dermis.  By doing so the skin is stimulated to produce collagen and elastin and immediate results are often seen with skin tightening and improvement of skin pigmentation.  The result is  more tighter and toned skin without surgery.

Treatments with laser skin resurfacing have become an excellent modality for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.  The patients will note mild discomfort for one to two days after the procedure followed by a brief period of redness and swelling.  The procedure has enormous benefits for patients who want to undergo a facelift or neck-lift procedure.  New research has also shown the benefits of laser skin resurfacing on hand rejuvenation and also stretch marks on the body.  If you have a question about laser skin resurfacing in Los Angeles, please call our office at 310-998-5533.

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