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Diagnostic Vein Examination for Spider and Varicose Veins, Santa Monica Vein Clinic

Diagnostic vein examination in Santa Monica-Santa Monica Vein Center


Some patients may have a condition known as medical venous insufficiency, which can be symptomatic and lead to chronic and progressive pain and discomfort in the legs.  During your consultation at the Santa Monica Vein Center, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian will evaluate your legs, followed by a comprehensive examination and history taking.  If indicated, varicose veins that are associated with pain, discomfort, aching, swollen legs, burning, itching, restless legs, and generalized discomfort may require a diagnostic procedure to determine the extent of venous reflux.  Venous reflux is a noninvasive diagnostic technique that is performed during a physical examination to determine the capacity and function of the vein valves.


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Our office offers comprehensive vein screening in Santa Monica, including:


  1. Diagnostic Ultrasound
  2. Vein Screening
  3. Vein Lite
  4. Functional Vein Duplex 


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