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Spider Vein Injections Los Angeles - Sclerotherapy in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills

There are many different types of sclerosants for spider vein injections.  Many patients remember the days when salt water or hypertonic saline injections were the most common injection sclerosant. Currently, I use at least five different types of sclerosants in my practice to eliminate small to medium sized veins. Treatments usually take less than 30 minutes and are well tolerated by patients; even the one's that have a needle phobia.  Downtime is minimal and I usually see spider vein and varicose vein treatments within one month of treatment. Compression stockings worn for several days post procedure also helps with results.  Schedule a consultation for vein treatment by calling Dr. Karamanoukian's office at the Santa Monica Vein Center (310) 998-5535.

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