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Kare Plastic Surgery Review - Raffy Karamanoukian, MD FACS REVIEW

I cannot stop raving about this place. Kare Clinic has changed my views on laser hair removal. I was surprise to find a clean office and friendly staff with a Groupon deal. I had previously gone to another clinic, DermaBare, and left there in tear each time I had a treatment that I just cancelled my treatments without a refund.  When I first arrived at Kare, I was running 10 minutes late. I called while on my way to see if it would be okay to still catch my appointment. Luckily, I had time before the next appointment. When I arrived, the receptionist was very polite. She handed me the paperwork. I purchase the numbing cream (which was only $8. The other place charge me $30 - what a rip-off).  I was in the back within 10 minutes of filling out my paperwork. I placed the numbing cream under my arms and it worked quickly---within 15 minutes.  During my first visit, Kelly was my nurse. Kelly was so great. She talked me through the process and was very patient with me because I explained the horrifying experience I previous had. She also gave me the Aloe Vera afterward to cool the skin. Afterwards, my hair was thin and only growing in a few places. During my second visit, I had David and he got me in within 5 minutes and got me out within 10 minutes. He asked how the last procedure went and moved quickly. I didn't mind because I had the numbing cream on. Now don't get me wrong, you do feel the pinching/shocking a little but it is better with the cream. My two treatments were easier then treading my eyebrows with the numbing cream.

* Clean office  * Friendly staff  * Street & Metered parking (also a garage but you pay)
* Need more deals :-)

Overall... Great location for laser hair removal for underarms. (I'll come back when I try another area)

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