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Arnica for Plastic Surgery - Can I use Arnica supplements for bruising? Bruisestick

Can I use Arnica supplements for bruising after a breast lift? 


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian recommends that all patients take Bruise-Pak Arnica supplements after all breast surgery procedures in order to minimize swelling and bruising associated with surgery.  The Arnica montana contained in Bruise-Pak is more standardized than other homeopathic formulations and is available in chewable tablets that promote compliance. You can purchase Bruise-Pak from our office or online; . Some patients will ask whether they can use the Arnica bought at a supermarket, Whole Foods, or health food store.  


The answer really depends on the standardization of the Arnica montana and studies have shown that lower doses may not reliably help with swelling and bruising. Our office recommends the Bruise-Pak. 

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