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Los Angeles Facelift - What is the SMAS and why is it important - Beverly Hills Facelift

I am often asked why there are so many different types of facelifts, from SMAS facelifts, Lifestyle lifts, mini-facelifts, sub-SMAS facelifts and laser lifts.  The SMAS is an important support layer underneath the skin and this layer becomes lax with age.  Plastic surgeons prefer to tighten the SMAS fascial layer in order to support a facelift, otherwise the results will tend to go away with time.  Different approaches to a SMAS facelift exist and the decision to proceed with each type depends on your individual characteristics.  During your facelift consultation in my office, a full discussion of the benefits of each facelift type will be discussed to optimize your individual results. A facelift can also be combined with a necklift in order to tighten the neck lines. 


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